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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hurricane proof house

Discovery Channel has launched a new program Wednesday nights at 10 pm Eastern (9 Central) called SMASH LAB. It follows Mythbusters and I recommend it highly. I saw the first episode last week and then I received this e-mail on behalf of the Discovery Channel a couple of days ago:

Hello, This isn't exactly hurricane tracking information, but definitely
hurricane RELATED information, that I think you'll find really interesting. I'm
not sure if you've heard of this new show on Discovery Channel called Smash Lab,
which takes everyday technology and applies it in revolutionary new ways to the
betterment of all society. Tomorrow, the Smash Lab team will be testing whether
a special type of carbon fiber used to reinforce tunnels can also be used to
hurricane-proof residential homes -- something that sounds right up your alley.
You'll see LOTS of hurricane-force winds blowing LOTS of things (and people) all
over the place. Check out this preview clip of tomorrow's episode, which airs on
Discovery Channel at 10pm ET/PT:

Last night's episode was "Hurricane Proof House" and will be repeated Saturday Jan 26 at 10 eastern, Sunday Jan 27 at 2 am EST and 10 am EST and once more at 9 pm January 28.

Well I was very impressed. Using a carbon fiber mesh, the Smash Lab team showed how a weak structure that can be blown apart with very little wind can be reinforced to withstand much stronger winds. The ultimate proof was when a common mobil home was able to hold against Category 4 winds and only gave way when the tie-down strap failed. It is very obvious on the trailer above and during the show that even though the trailer rolls away, it stays intact with very little real damage.
For more info and interactive features, you can also visit
The website also includes a link to full episodes. You have to download the movie player but once you do the player will deliver the programs in stunning quality without bufferring. Right now the first episode of Smash Lab is available. I suspect this episode will be available next week.

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