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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fat Head Tuesday

Mardi Gras - a celebration of debauchery and excess just prior to the solemn season of repentance and refection known as Lent. The literal translation from French is mardi - Tuesday, Gras - Big or fat: Fat Tuesday.

Originally Shrove Tuesday was a religious holiday to consume all of the fat in the home before the fasting requirements of Lent began.

Today, many communities in the US are setting up family friendly Mardi Gras celebrations but in New Orleans the partying has gotten so wild that a common tradition is for drunken women to lift their shirts in exchange for some cheap, low quality beads.

This Tuesday is also known as Super Tuesday due to 20 states having their primary elections on that date. Because of the early date for Easter this year, both Fat Tuesday and Super Tuesday fall on the same day.

So while we are drinking our troubles away looking at boobs who are begging for our votes keep in mind we will have 4 years of reflection and repentance ahead of us.

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