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Monday, July 07, 2008

Hurricane Bertha

I am just getting settled in here in North Georgia and the internet connection in my apartment doesn't work. I am going through major withdrawls, but I wanted to at least get some commentary in on Bertha.

Bertha strengthened into a huricane yesterday becoming the first storm to reach hurricane status iint he Atlantic this season. As predicted by the Weather Channel, as the storm intensified, the track projections all converged in Bertha turning north later this week. The current projections are that she will head straight for Bermuda although, again, it is too early to tell with any certainty.

The Houston Chronicle is now reporting that Bertha has intensified to a category 3 hurricane. The forst hurricane of the year is a major storm.

MIAMI — Hurricane Bertha has grown into a Category 3 storm.
The Atlantic season's first hurricane is still far from land, but the National Hurricane
Center says it now has maximum sustained winds of 115 miles an hour.
The center of the storm is located about 730 miles east-northeast of the Northern
Leeward Islands and about 1,150 miles southeast of Bermuda.
Forecasters say it's moving west-northwest at about 12 miles an hour.

As of yesterday evening, forecasters were still unwilliing to say whether Bertha would threathen the South Carolina coast. If the storm does follow the path towards Bermuda then the effects on the east coast could be minimal. The key indicator will be if she turns by Wednesday or Thursday.

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