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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Molave makes landfall, moves inland

Typhoon Molave hot land in South China very early this morning local time bringing heavy rain to the area.

Typhoon Molave lands in south China (Xinhua)

GUANGZHOU: Typhoon Molave hit land in south China early Sunday, with heavy rain forecast in most parts of the Guangdong Province in the following two days, local observatory said.

Molave, the 6th tropical storm this year which became typhoon, landed at Nanao town in Shenzhen City of Guangdong Province at 0:50 a.m. Sunday Beijing
Time, with winds up to 145 km per hour in its eye.

Strong gales and heavy rains hit Shenzhen City, resulting in water flowing on streets. However, as residents and vehicles were scare during the night, the weather had no major impact on local people's living yet.

As of 2:30 a.m. Sunday, the city hadn't reported any serious damages

Typhoon "Molave" hits Guangdong(CCTV Video)

Typhoon Molave reduces to tropical storm, leaving Guangdong(China Daily)

GUANGZHOU:Typhoon Molave was downgraded to a tropical storm as it left south China's Guangdong Province to neighboring Guangxi Sunday, said the Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Bureau.

Winds weakened to 65 km per hour at noon, down from 145 km per hour at its center when it landed at Nan'ao Town in Shenzhen City at 12:50 a.m..

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