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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Is Hawaii due for a double hit?

Two tropical storms have formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Mexico - Tropical Storm Enrique with sustained winds of 40 mph and Tropical Depression # 8-E which will soon become Tropical Storm Felicia (most likely later today). These storms are heading west-northwest and will remain well east of Hawaii over the next week. Looking at the tracking forecast, right now, it seems like these storms will pass to the south of Hawaii but possibly closer to the Big Island than TS Lana did late last week. This is my prediction and time will tell if this is anything to be concerned about.

Enrique actually has a slightly greater forward speed compared to 8-E and these storms will likely combine into a single storm. Whether this combined storms (Felicia?) will maintain its strength or dissipate is too early to tell.

Twin tropical storms form in the Eastern Pacific (Examiner)

    The Eastern Pacific just turned far more active with Tropical Storm Enrique forming on Monday and soon-to-be Tropical Storm Felicia forming just to his left.

    Twin tropical storms so close together make for a rare treat, a dance of two tropical systems that normally comes at the expense of one or the other.

    The presence of one storm so close to another can affect inflow and upper level wind fields, in some ways "robbing" its partner storm of a good convective environment.

    Indeed the forecast models for these two storms seem to indicate that Felicia will gain strength while Enrique's best days may behind him so to speak. Both storms are expected to maintain tropical storm strength and continue moving generally west-northwest and away from Baja California and still well east of the Hawaiian Islands.

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