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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tropical Storm Danny forms near the Bahamas

Tropical Storm Danny formed today just east of the Bahamas. The storm track for Danny shows a potential threat from North Carolina all the way up to the Canadian Maritimes. Right now the far western edge of the cone of uncertainty includes New York City during the weekend. Danny will be following a path similar to that of Hurricane Bill except that Danny's path will be shifted closer to the east coast.

Danny a Threat from North Carolina to Nova Scotia (AccuWeather)

The forecast path released by the Hurricane Center continues to show Danny passing just east of the Outer Banks of North Carolina Friday night before strengthening into a hurricane and making landfall over southeastern New England late Saturday or Saturday night.

There is still a chance that Danny tracks farther west, moving over the Outer Banks. There is also a chance the storm heads farther to the east like Bill, missing New England and never making landfall along the East Coast.

At this point the storm track could shift either to the east or west the effects of which could be very different. The wind forecasts aer also calling for Danny to be a hurricane by the weekend as well - right around the time that he could be threatening the coast.

The water along the coast is very warm and by the end of the week the shearing winds will be very light. This combination is just right to allow strengthening of a storm to a hurricane.

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