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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tropical Storm Hilda forms in the eastern Pacific

Tropical Storm Hilda formed Saturday afternoon in the eastern Pacific Ocean. A quick look at the projected storm track shows that Hilda is a repeat of Tropical Storm Enrique. Tropical Storm Enrique followed essentially an identical storm track as a tropical storm in the beginning of August.

The effect of Enrique was to increase the surf on the southern beaches of the Big Island. Enrique was then followed by Felicia which grew to a category 4 storm and then fell apart just as she was hitting into Maui County, Hawaii.

Hilda has two areas of unsettled weather located to the east of it showing some potential of developing. Time will tell if these storms will also follow Hilda or fall apart. The water temperatures in the area are warm enough to promote development at least to a tropical storm status for all three storms but I do not know if shearing winds are going to interefere with development or promote it.

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