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Monday, October 26, 2009

Another typhoon heading for the Philippines

A fourth tropical storm has formed in the western Pacific that is heading towards the Philippines. This system is currently Tropical Storm 23 and is expected to strengthen as it approaches Luzon Island over the next 5 days.

Currently the storm track indicates that this storm will plow into Manila as a Category 3 typhoon early Saturday, but the uncertainty is such that the entire northern Philippines are at risk. As the week continues on we will know better if this track will hold or if it will shift in either direction.

Weather Underground is reporting that this storm has sustained winds of 40 MPH with gusts of 50 making it a low grade tropical storm. The storm has pulled together and is currently moving faster than expected to the west northwest. The storm will steadily intensify until reaching typhoon strength in approximately 3 days. After that intensification will continue until reaching Cat 3 strength with peak winds of 100 knots shortly before making landfall.

Typhoon 2000 reports that a high pressure ridge is building just north of the storm which will be the primary steering current that will bring this storm into the Philippine Sea and towards metro Manila.
Initial Impact Forecast (IIF): The latest ECMWF 7-day extended forecast
shows the system hitting Northern Bicol, Southern Tagalog Provinces including
Metro Manila on Saturday or Sunday (Oct 30-Nov 01).

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