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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Major Hurricane Neki churns in the Pacific

Hurricane Neki formed a few days ago in the central Pacific southwest of the Hawaiian Islands and has grown to a Category 3 storm. Johnston Islands received a direct hit yesterday but there is no threat to the Hawaiian Islands other than higher than normal surf on the southwest beaches.

Major Hurricane Neki in Central Pacific (AccuWeather)

Category 3 Hurricane Neki continues to thrive in the central Pacific Ocean several hundred miles west-southwest of the Hawaiian Islands. As of Thursday evening, Neki was located about 540 miles west of Honolulu, Hawaii, with maximum sustained winds near 115 mph.

Although Neki will remain in an area of light wind shear, it will be encountering cooler waters as it heads north. As a result, a gradual weakening trend is expected through this weekend.

Neki will continue on a general northerly path over the next couple of days, which will keep it well away from the Hawaiian Islands. The storm is expected to pass between French Frigate Shoals and Maro Reef around Friday morning, local time.

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