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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hurricane Rick is already a Major Cat 4 storm

Overnight Hurricane Rick intensified to a category 4 storm with 135 MPH sustained winds with higher gusts.

Rick Now 'Extremely Dangerous' Category 4 Hurricane (Fox News)
MIAMI — The National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Rick has rapidly developed into an "extremely dangerous" Category 3 storm off Mexico's Pacific coast with winds near 135 mph.

The Miami center said Rick was centered about 255 miles southwest of Acapulco, Mexico, and was moving west-northwest near 12 mph as of 6:15 a.m. EDT Saturday.

Acapulco's Civil Protection Department had earlier issued a warning that expected rains from outer bands of the storm could trigger landslides and flooding in the resort city.

The public advisory from the National Hurricane Center states that hurricane force winds extend 35 miles and tropical storm force winds extend 105 miles from the storm's center.

Rick may reach category 5 status by tonight.

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