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Friday, October 16, 2009

Typhoon Lupit intensifies

Typhoon Lupit very quickly jumped from a strong tropical storm to a Category 2 typhoon with sustained winds of 95 MPH. This storm also decreased its forward speed. Further reduction on forward speed is expected over the next 24 - 48 hours coupled with a slight jog to the north-west before regaining forward momentum and speed.

Forecast Outlook: LUPIT is expected to reduce its forward speed from 20 kph to just 5 kph w/ in the next 24 to 48. A passing mid-level low pressure (trough) is expected to weaken the steering ridge north of LUPIT, thus its slow movement. The 3 to 5-day Long-Range Forecast shows LUPIT resuming its WNW or Westward track as a new High Pressure Steering Ridge off Taiwan develops, driving LUPIT towards Extreme Northern Luzon between Monday to Thursday (Oct 19-22).

Initial Impact Forecast (IIF): LUPIT will make landfall over Northern Cagayan on Wednesday morning, Oct 21 and exit thru Ilocos Norte Wednesday evening (Oct 22) - a track similar to the recent Typhoon PARMA (PEPENG). Please be reminded that the IIF changes every 6 hours, so a shift to the left or right of its future track and other conditions must be considered.

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