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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rare cyclone to affect Yemen and Northern Somalia

A cyclone developed in the open Arabian Sea and is now tracking into the Gulf of Aden. Tropica Cyclone Bandu is expected to track up the center of the gulf but rainfall is expected in both southern Yemen and northern Somalia.

Cyclone in Arabian Sea (Sunday Times)

“The deep depression is presently over the coast of north-east Somalia and it will hit southern parts of Yemen as well. Rough seas prevail during these days”, he said.

Heavy rain in both countries could result in flash flooding.

Unusual tropical cyclone (AccuWeather)

The north coast of Somalia was grazed by Bandu Friday into Saturday with heavy rain and strong winds.

Bandu will pass through the middle of the Gulf of Aden Sunday, keeping the worst effects offshore. However, some rain will reach both the southern coast of Yemen and northern Somalia.

Between 1 and 3 inches of rain could cause flash flooding as Bandu passes. Wind gusts could top 40 mph near the coast, but strong wind gusts of 60 to 70 mph are expected to remain offshore.

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