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Monday, June 28, 2010

Hurricane and Tropical Storm watch posted

A hurricane watch has been posted from Baffin Bay, Texas to La Cruz, Mexico and a Tropical Storm Watch has been issued rom Baffin Bay north to Port O'Connor. A watch signifies that the conditions are possible within the next 48 hours.

Tropical Storm Alex is expected to strengthen to hurricane status and may possibly become a major hurricane. Computer models contine to indicate that Alex will head towards south Texas or Northern Mexico most likely making landfall near Brownsville. See the previous posts (below) for an amateur analysis of where Alex will go and a up to date graphic showing the projected storm tracks.

This year the National Hurricane Center changed when watches and warnings are being issued. Watches will now be issued 48 hours in advanced of the anticipated event and indicate that the stated condition may exist in the area. Warnings are now issued 36 hours in advance and indicate that the stated conditions are expected in the area within that time. (source: The Weather Channel)

The purpose for the more earlier issues of these advisories is to provide sufficient time for prearation. If you are in a watch area, you have 48 hours to prepare for the event. I a watch os upgraded to a warning, then you have 36 hours from the issuance of that warning to complete your preparations. Once tropial storm or hurricane conditions exist, there is no more time for further preparatons. At that point all preparations need to be complete and acted upon whether that means that you are hunkering down or evacuating.

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