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Saturday, January 15, 2011


It's been a long time since I have been able to add my commentary and analysis to this blog. At this point I assume that the only people looking at this blog are the few loyal readers who stick by me throughout. The number of hits I receive daily typically drops when the Atlantic is not active but usually we see quite a few hits from Pacific island countries, Australia and the far east during the November through April months. As it is I am now down to a steady 20 or so visitors each day and I thank you all very much.

As you know I moved from southeast Texas to North Georgia a few years ago for a new job offer. My position has been very challenging and rewarding and includes a fair amount of travel. In 2010 I had the opportunity to visit Asia 5 times - twice to Japan and all five times to areas in China. What an exciting and interesting experience. Unfortunately, the available time I have to work on this blog has diminished.

I think - I hope I am right - that quite a few people find my posts valuable. I assume this is the case since I see a huge (for me) uptick in readership when a storm approaches land. Most of my readers are referred by Google or some other search engine so I know that Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker is receiving exposure.

So I have a request to those who are interested and willing:

I would like to expand this blog to guest authors.
Anyone who is interested in writing posts regarding tropical storms, severe weather occurrances, balanced climate change articles or other weather and climate issues are welcome. All I ask is that anything that is posted be backed up with articles or data that supports the author's position or can be refuted with logical articles.

I would especially appreciate someone posting who is located on the Gulf Coast - so we get live information from our original home base and also someone in China or the Philippines to provide real information from those areas.

Anyone interested, please send me a note at Please understand that this is a volunteer position. Any income received from this blog could be shared but we are talking pennies or a few bucks at most.

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