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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Zealand storms fizzle

Apparently the merger of Tropical Cyclone Zelia with the remnants of TC Vania was enough to tear apart the stronger storm. TC Zelia had been weakening as it approached New Zealand and has all but dissipated. The primary concern now is heavy rain.

Storms fizzle but Hawke's Bay in for some damp weather (Hawke's Bay Today)
Hawke's Bay has missed the worst of predicted high winds and heavy rains being driven by two tropical lows moving on to the country but is still likely to get a fair soaking over the next week.

The main meteorological culprit is the weakening, and slightly unpredictable, tropical Cyclone Zelia.

It was moving across the country in the company of a second weakening cyclone, Vania.

"The path and depth of this second low is still somewhat uncertain," MetService forecaster Paul Mallinson said.

"But both these lows are forecast to bring very humid conditions."

The conditions were forecast to do their worst through until the end of today but mainly in northern and central areas. "This is a fast-moving and rather small system. While it will no longer be a tropical cyclone when it reaches us it may still pack a windy punch," MetService's Bob McDavitt said.

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