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Monday, July 21, 2008

Tropical Storm Dolly enters the Gulf

A hurricane watch has been issued by the National Hurricane Center from Brownsville, TX to Port O'Connor, TX. A tropical Storm watch has been issued from Port O'Connor north up to San Luis Pass in Galveston. The Mexican government has also issued a hurricane watch from Rio San Fernando north to the US border.

Tropical Storm Dolly developed very quickly from a tropical wave yesterday essentially right over the Yucatan Peninsula dropping as much as 5 inches of rain on Cancun.

As Dolly crosses the Gulf, it is expected that she will increase in intensity due to the high water temperatures all along the Gulf Coast reaching hurricane status sometime tomorrow.

Fox News' Janice Dean was reporting on Dolly this afternoon and commented that the steering currents were not that well defined, indicating that Dolly could change direction or slow down without warning.
Tropical Storm Dolly is now into the Gulf of Mexico and expected to intensify into a hurricane very shortly. There are hurricane watches for the coast of Texas now from Brownsville to Port O’Connor. This storm has the potential to really strengthen as the waters of the Gulf are warm and ripe to get Dolly’s engine cranked. There’s a good chance Dolly will be quite large as well affecting a big chunk of the western gulf. Folks along the Texas coast need to pay very close attention to the track of Dolly over the next few days.

As those of us who have lived on the Gulf for a while know, once a storm gets into the Gulf, there is no telling where she might go. Of course it is not quite that bad but the old folklore rings in some truth. Many times we have seen hurricanes slow up and then change in many different directions with no rhyme or reason. Dolly could leave her mark across the entire coast before she is through.

As you all know, I am moving. This week we are packing up the house. The movers will load the truck Wednesday and we will be flying out on Friday. Technically we will be homeless from Wednesday until Friday (Not really but no belongings - hotelling it if you will). Wager any one of us where dolly will head!!! If she even looks at Houston it will be a big I told Ya! One last storm to remember SE Texas. :-).

We'll keep this updated as more info comes in.

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