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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tropical Disturbance in the Caribbean

UPDATE: Tropical Depression 7 has formed in the central Caribbean. The developing system will closely follow the track of Tropical Storm Fay, which continues to pound the Deep South despite being downgraded to a tropical rainstorm. (AccuWeather)

Tropical depression Fay has finally broken up and is spreading her moisture far and wide across the southland. We have had heavy clouds and frequent rain here in north Georgia but so far the heaviest rain has been south and west of Atlanta. Rain chances are expected to increase through the week so we should see a good deal of much needed rain. Practically all of the northern counties of Georgia from Alabama to North and South Carolina are under a flash flood watch.

In the Caribbean, a tropical disturbance is poised on the edge of very warm water and is expected to organize into a tropical depression sometime today. The computer models from Weather Underground show that at this time, this disturbance could go anywhere from Central America to the North Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center has estimated a greater than 50% chance of these storms organizing into a tropical cyclone.

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