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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Activity grows in the Atlantic

Tropical Depression 2 suddenly intensified to form Tropical Storm Ana after dying off earlier in the week. The system obviously got past the dry aor that had been inhibiting growth and quickly exploded to tropcial storm strength.

Tropical Storm Ana Becomes First Named Storm of the Season (AccuWeather)

Tropical Storm Ana is currently churning over the eastern Atlantic, with maximum-sustained winds of 40 mph. It is heading westward near 16 mph and is expected to continue strengthening through the weekend.

A bit farther to the east, another system has also become better organized and could become Tropical Depression Three by later today.

Wind shear and dry air have been hindering the development of these systems, but conditions have become more favorable as the systems press to the west-northwest. These systems will head westward toward the Bahamas over the next few days, but could then make a turn northward near the East Coast later next week.

Earlier reports indicated that the system that is now Tropical Storm Ana is blocking the second system from the wind shear that had inhibited Ana's formation. It is this second system, tropical depression 3 that is assumed to be the bigger threat to the US east coast.

Video: We now have Ana (The Weather Channel )

There is also very unsettled air in the Caribbean Sea and eastern Gulf of Mexico. Over this past week we've seen areas listed as potential for development come and go. Storms across the southeast have a reasonable chance of developing throughout this weekend possibly threatening the northern Gulf Coast. Storms in the Caribbean can grow to threaten the southeastern US.

So we have gone from no activity the first half of the season to a having quite a bunch of areas to watch.

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