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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tropical Depression 13 causes damage in Vietnam

A little known tropical depression formed and came ashore during the last couple of days. Typically this would just be considered a strong rainstorm and that would be the end of it. But this depression came ashore in the middle and southern provinces of Vietnam and caused several deaths and damaged many buildings.

One tropical depression is weakening and one other is emerging fast (Relief Web)

The storm is weakening now but the damage is quite severe:

- No. of deaths: 06 (adding two people in Lak district, compared to the previous reports)
- No. of people missing: 05 (adding one in Bình Định, compared to the previous reports)
- No. of people injured: 09 (stay the same as previous reports)

- Houses had their roof blown away: 84
- Landslide: 5.695m3
- Rice fields flooded: 13.970 ha
- Short-term crops flooded: 8.990 ha

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