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Friday, September 04, 2009

Erika and Jimena dissipated

The remains of tropical depression Erika are nothing more than a low pressure rainstorm drifting across the northern Caribbean. Continued rain will soak the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico throughout much of the weekend.

ERIKA - Jimena Dissipating (Weather Channel)

Erika was downgraded to a remnant low over the northeastern Caribbean late Wednesday, and the final advisory was written by the National Hurricane Center.

Areas of locally heavy downpours may spread across parts of the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, as the remnant low makes a turn to the northwest.

The story of Erika may not be totally closed, however. As the remnants of this storm drift to the northeast, the water temperatures and wind shear will be much more favorable for development. After being battered since it's develeopment, Erika may still have a chance to become an organized system.

Erika Down but Not Out (AccuWeather)

All that is left of Tropical Storm Erika is a blob of moisture over the eastern Caribbean. During the past 36 hours, the storm has been attacked by dry air and wind shear, and there is almost no circulation left.

Erika is down, but not out. The remnants of the storm will drift toward the northwest this weekend and be in a much more favorable environment once it reaches the Bahamas late Sunday and Monday. If there is anything left of the disturbance by then, it could regenerate well to the east of Florida early next week.
Commentary by Expert Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.

In the Pacific, Jimena has been completely torn apart. This storm is no longer a tropical depression. From the Weather Channel article referenced above:

Jimena is now a remnant low and will continue to dissipate.

Locally heavy rainfall will be possible from the central Baja to adjacent parts of the
western Mexico coast.

Some moisture from Jimena will mix in with moisture already in place over the interior Southwestern U.S., including parts of Arizona and New Mexico, this weekend. This will help to enhance shower and thunderstorm activity already there.

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