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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Erika drifts west and weakens

Well I had to focus on my day job for the past couple of days and what happens... Erika develops, threatens to strengthen and instead peters out. Oh well.

Tropical Storm Erika formed the other day in the Atlantic near the Caribbean. At the time we reported that the prediction was that if Erika strengthened, she would be pulled to the north along the East Coast. If she weakened then the storm would drift to the west into the Caribbean. This is exactly what happened. Erika slowly decreased in strength throughout the day yesterday and last night. Earlier today she was downgraded to a tropical depression. Most likely she will degrade further and lose all her circulation becoming just a tropical rainstorm.

TD Erika is now drifting to the west south of Puerto Rico. Friday night and Saturday, Erika will cross over the mountainous island of Hispaniola which will probably tear apart any organization she has left. With dry air, wind shear and the islands of the Caribbean, it is likely that we are seeing the end of Erika.

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