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Monday, September 07, 2009

Tropical Troubles? (AccuWeather)

Any Tropical Trouble? Semi-Tropical Trouble - Frank Strait's videoblog (AccuWeather)

AccuWeather meteorologist Frank Strait provides a comprehensive rundown of areas that may provide tropical development in the near future.

Some of these areas include some development along the US east coast near North Carolina and Virginia. Looking at the radar, it is clear that circulation is starting to develop but whether the system can develop enought strength to amount to anything is yet to be seen.

A system coming off the coast of Africa has the potential to develop and could become the next hurricane of the season. However it is going to move off to the north and won't be a threat to any land areas.

In the Pacific a tropical depression has developed and is moving to the west. Tracking maps indicate that this system will become a tropical storm but will turn to the north and travel out to sea.

Another area that Frank Strait doesn't comment about is TD Dujuan. Dujuan was recently downgraded to a depression and is moving parallel to the Japanese coast. Tracking indicates that DuJuan will once again grow to be a tropical storm but is heading away from land and will likely not be an issue.

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