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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Typhoon Mujigae headed for southern China and northern Vietnam

While this storm is still a tropical depression with 35 MPH winds, it has already been named. Tropical Depression Mujigae formed east of China's Hainan Island and is heading due west. The storm is expected to cross the island Friday and enter the East Sea sometime Friday night or Saturday morning. A second landfall will occur Saturday evening.

A new tropical depression in the East Sea strengthened into a storm early
Thursday morning and would likely head west at 15 kilometers per hour within the
next 24 hours, Vietnam’s national forecast center has said.

Storm Mujigae, the seventh to hit the East Sea this year, is expected
to be around 200 kilometers east of China’s Hainan Island by 4 a.m. on Friday,
according to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.

Typhoon No. 7 - Mujigae (Central Committee for Flood and Storm Control)

As the influence of Mujigae, the northern part of the northern area of the Ease sea (including Hoàng Sa Islands) faces with wind force of Level 6, 7. The area near Mujigae’s centre is of Level 8, 9 with gusts of Level 10, 11.

The sea is very rough.From September 11’s night, the area from Quang Ninh to Nghệ An will face with strong wind of Level 6, 7. The area near the storm No. 7 centre will have wind force of Level 8 with gusts of Level 9, 10.

Besides, that the storm’s influence combines with Northwest monsoon will cause wind force of Level 6, 7 with gust of Level 8 in the sea area from Bình Thuận to Cà Mau. The sea is rough.

High land and Southern area face with heavy rain.

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