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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hurricane Jimena strengthens

Hurricane Jimena has increased in intensity to a Cat 2 hurricane. Jimena is expected to reach Category 4 status before reaching Baja California Monday night or Tuesday. Jimena will be a major hurricane as she skirts up the west coast of Baja. This places the worst side of the storm over land for essentially the entire length of the peninsula.

While landfall is not expected, heavy rains and at least tropical storm force winds can cause significant danage and threat of loss of life. Residents and visitors should be implementing plans now in preparation for this storm.

Strong Hurricane Jimena nearing Baja California coast (Examiner)

Hurricane Jimena quickly spun up into a strong hurricane by Saturday afternoon with forecasts projecting a possible category four future for the storm.

Jimena's path looks to move parallel to the west coast of Mexico and eventually off the coast of Baja California where large waves, tropical storm force winds and potentially heavy rainfall from the storm's outer bands may become likely in the next few days.


Computer models suggest that Jimena will quickly strengthen into category four status with sustained winds in the 130 mph+ range from 36 hours to 48 hours into the forecast window.

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